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10 Best Things To Do In Manali In 2019 for Memorable Trip

10 Best Things To Do In Manali In 2019 for Memorable Trip

Who doesn’t like a trip which is far away from the artificial setting on the urban areas and very close to the dances of nature? Well, I am talking about Manali! Manali is one of the most popular places for tourist for different verticals. From a honeymoon trip to the backpacker, every different set of wanders can enjoy the real culture of Manali and the air of the city.

10 best things to do in Manali!

So whether you are planning this trip alone or along with your better half, let’s talk about the interesting things that you do to want to miss out on while planning a trip to Manali!

  1. Feel and enjoy the wind of the dancing and happy environment of Manali

Whether it’s the window of your hotel room in Manali, or your vision from the top of the hill in Manali, people must enjoy the wind and surrounding of Manali. If you crib about the cold wind and complaint about wearing shoes and socks all the time, you might not be able to enjoy any bit of the Manali surrounding. Manali is popular for its weather and how it brings the smile of the face of the people.

You will regret your stay in Manali if all you will be doing is complaining about the weather. Manali brings you one step closer to the natural wind and natural universe. So enjoy every second and minute of the air of Manali.

  1. Visit the waterfalls and dance with the sound of water

While you are planning a trip to Manali, do not forget to include the name of Jogini and Rahala waterfalls. I understand how stressful your life becomes at work and sometimes at home as well. I mean, sometimes just the thought of waking up early for work use to make me sad. But the minute I sat on the shore of the waterfalls of Manali, I felt all the negative energy vanishing from my vision. I felt so light.

I could feel that the waterfall was signing a melody all the while I was sitting there. So when you go there, try and listen to the song yourself! It’ very calming to your soul!

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  1. Feel close to the creator by visiting different temples

Temples like Hidimba Temple, Manu Temple and many more are not only popular for its spiritual essence, but the surrounding makes the temple and vibration stronger and calmer. The vibration ad surrounded positive energy in the temple brings you closer to the creator of the universe.

The calm wind of Manali just helps you to understand the world as an opportunity to explore the spiritual side of your soul and boot you with positive energy. We cannot really experience such enlightenment in our day to day life, because its Manali every day isn’t it?

  1. Feel the spirit of Buddhism by visiting the Monastery

Monasteries like Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddist Monastery, ChimetDruppaiGhatsal Apo Rinpoche Monastery, Buddhist Monastery and many more has to be included in your list. Monasteries in Himachal Pradesh are perfect place to feel your calm soul.

As a matter of fact, even the statues in these monasteries take you to the journey of stronger and calmer you!

  1. Riding on the YAK in the wildlife sanctuary

Riding on the YAK in the wildlife sanctuaries in Manali must be the first thing in your list. I remember taking a tour to Wildlife Sanctuary of Manali, and riding on Yak was the best memory ever. My friend clicked a picture of me falling from YAK and it was so funny! It is framed in my study room, and every time I look at the same, it brings the forgotten smile on my face back! One of the best days of my life! And I am sure it will be yours too!

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  1. Enjoy the healing spirit under the Vashisht Hot Water Springs

Vashisht Village which is located near the Beas River in Manali is filled with Tourist in May and June. Tourist from different parts of India and world gather around to bather in the holy hot water springs of Vashisht. This water is said to include some healing components that helps in healing of a person’s body and soul.

If not, you believe in such a mythology, just the dive in this water will help you remain calm. So make sure you do take deep dive in hot water springs. This water also helps in healing your skin.

  1. A bike ride to Rohtang Pass

Well, sure you want to explore the icey land of Rohtang Pass! But how about you ride your way from Manali to Rohtang Pass? The bike ride to Rohtang Pass is really amazing and fun! I and my best friend took a bullet ride to Rohtang Pass which was just an amazing journey. If you want little scared with bike ride, you can also refer a drive in Jeep! But an open ride will help you speak and dance with the icey wind of Rohtang Pass! Well Of course it will be chilly, so make sure you are wearing clothes and comfortable shoes to change the gear on the bike.

  1. Trekking on BeasKund

If you are motivated and enthusiast towards trekking and hiking experience, you must try and visit Beas Kund. You will love the breeze on the top that you might not want to leave forever from there. In fact, being a poet myself, I took my diary and to my surprise, I could write all my emotions on ta piece of paper in just few minutes. The weather was so amazing, and I felt that the entire surrounding supported me and encouraged me to write the best title and words for my poetry. It is well said that nature can change and mold your soul! Allyou need to do is listen to the sound and poetry of every leave on every tree.

  1. Paragliding in the Hills of Manali

If you like to explore adventurous side of yours, then how about you experience paragliding in Manali! Flying and gliding in the hills of Manali while every chilly wind touched every part of your body and soul is an unforgettable experience of your life. I tried paragliding, not once, but thrice on my one week trip to Manali. It was a journey to explore myself. No one around you and you feel like flying! Believe me or not: You will get most of the answers of your life. Just try it once, and you will never regret you decision.

  1. Explore the history of the city In the Museum

Exploring the city without knowing the roots of the place seems like an incomplete journey. When you visit Manali, make sure you pen down in the list of exploring of historic culture of Manali too! At the Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art, you can explore the antiques and extraordinary collection of royalties at one place. From religious relic to instruments and wood carvings, you can understand the roots of Himachal Pradesh closely and feel the roots of the culture without you while you visit the museum.

How to reach Manali?

The best way to visit Manali is through Road. If you are coming from Delhi or Chandigarh, you can hit the Chndigarh Manali highway and enjoy your drive on the highway. If you are traveling from Kashmir, Leh Manali Highway is the best highway to touch down Manali.

However, you can also reach Manali through air mode as well. He nearest airport is at Bhutnar if you wish to book the flight. Flight is generally preferred for the people coming from the South or East region as the journey is too long considering roadways.

When is the best time to visit Manali?

Well honestly, it depends on what you want to enjoy in Manali more! For an instance, activities like Paragliding and trekking is best enjoyed between April and June month. But if you want to enjoy the snow weather in Rohtang Pass and at the rooftop of your hotel in Manali, then you might want to visit the place between December and February.

So what are you waiting for now? You must start preparing your bag pack. Don’t forget to shop the warm clothes for Manali. The weather generally is cold, and you will need warm clothes, socks and comfortable shoes to explore the real Manali! And yes, if your hair or skin is not suited for the cold or humid weather, make sure you carry the prescribed creams and shampoos to keep your hair and skin hydrated.

Keep your phones fully charged when you leave from the hotel to explore the streets of Manali. Believe me: you do not want to miss out the opportunity to capture a wonderful moment on your camera. Good luck for your trip and do share your experience with us! Be safe and be happy!

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